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To contact The Woodmark Group, write or email to:
The Woodmark Group 1601 Second Avenue, Suite 605 Seattle, WA 98101 - 3508

The Woodmark Group is a not-for-profit organization whose members are prominent children’s hospitals in the United States and Canada. The hospitals created The Woodmark Group so that their development staff members could work collaboratively to lead the development of philanthropy to improve the health of children everywhere.

Private investment in children’s health is critical to realizing the potential of modern medicine. Medical research and the pace of discovery are increasing rapidly. Progress in decoding complex genetic disorders is accelerating. The development of personalized medicine could lead to detection of disorders in early childhood, perhaps the prevention of such disorders and a lifetime free of destructive symptoms and debilitating disease. Donor support makes the difference in turning promise into reality. That is why private philanthropy is more important than ever to ensuring every child has the opportunity to have a healthy start in life.

Members of The Woodmark Group are thankful to all supporters of children’s hospitals. They are committed to engaging more deeply with private supporters to increase investments in the mission of children’s hospitals. Woodmark’s strategies for achieving this goal are to improve practice in the art and science of development. Hospital members collaborate to discover, share and implement best practices in fundraising to ensure donors’ gifts are used effectively and efficiently to improve children’s health.